About Coenco

Coenco, Inc. (COordinated ENvironmental COntrol) is a scientific investigative company –not a marketing company. Coenco is a company with cooperators, not customers, interested in real improvements. In the case of the urgent energy problem of today, getting better results with less energy is our main effort and consideration.

Coenco Fan

Our goal is to work with companies, organizations, and institutions in a supportive and positive manner. Coenco, Inc. is continually motivated for enhanced, least cost results wherever possible.

After years of intense research on the diseases of poultry, with numerous publications and world wide experience, Dr. Frank Siccardi (1935-2010) reached the conclusion that the insufficiency of environmental control and comfort is where the real problem exists.

Generally it takes an extended time to get scientifically sound systems, programs / opportunities fully developed, understood and accepted. We have been working diligently for a number of years on how to best present the Coenco Positive Air System® so it is easily understood, and the full benefits could be appreciated. For many concerned decision makers, the time is at hand to review, understand, and implement opportunities possible with this first real improvement in HVAC and control in 100 years.

It is Coenco's belief that the greatest opportunity for all concerned is to concentrate on retrofit. Many times, new buildings, taking a long time from start to finish, are being changed once the interested parties can see the big picture and understand the many different efficiencies and opportunities.