Our System - Basic Understanding

Basic to the understanding of the Coenco System® is the fact that a consistent temperature of the air throughout a building is easily created, controlled, and maintained. The System is very simple. Unique Air Movers™ create and maintain a uniform air temperature and low humidity.

Infrared Before

The consistency of the + or - 1 degree opportunity provides exact control that is not possible with conventional methods. Using infrared, one can easily come to the conclusion that the Positve Air System® is able to achieve consistency in a building, where conventional methods were unsuccessful.

Infrared After

The Coenco opportunity represents a distinctive and bright new business solution for today’s difficult business climate. More importantly, your company can get remarkable relief from energy costs, and for the first time, get maximum benefit and value from the energy dollars you spend.

We are able to offer year-round comfort, with reduced energy and equipment in warehouses, distribution centers, food processing plants, athletic facilities and other people places.

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