Decision Makers

There is a great need for concerned decision makers, or person(s) of interest to take the time for some result oriented communication.

A number of years ago in a meeting with Frank Broyles, the legendary Athletic Director at the University of Arkansas, he was presented with the information of how much power was being used at Walton Arena. He was informed that the power use at Walton Arena was staggering, a 275 hp air handler running constantly.

When asked what he thought of this, his response was “Don’t know anything about it, we leave that to the architects and engineers.” He was then informed that he was spending $2,200 per day, wasting electric power on a building used 25-30 times a year, 2-3 hours at a time. He immediately called the business manager and asked the power cost, when she gave him the same information we had given him; he was suddenly interested in learning some basics.

Time and time again, the scenario as above comes to light only after it is brought to the attention of the appropriate concerned decision maker.

A solution for the energy problem can be quite simple, and can first start by asking…

  • Is what we are doing appropriate for today’s business climate?
  • Are the heating/cooling costs in our buildings cost efficient?
  • Is anyone in our organization really looking for better results with less energy/ equipment / maintenance cost?
  • Is the control system effective and cost appropriate?
  • Do we have an appropriate means to really account for our energy use?

If the answer to these questions are No, have you visited the Coenco website?

After you have studied the site, understand our ideas, and you are able to put the results and facts in perspective, you will then have a new outlook on heating and cooling.

We have 30 years of privately funded, independent, result oriented research and development to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

For today’s demanding and difficult business/financial situations, corporate sustainability and responsibility, the need for getting a better climate or desired commercial condition with less energy, equipment and maintenance is important. Sensitivity to comfort in people places is now more important that ever, and should be paramount.

Consideration About Energy

The energy problem must be taken seriously, as the many adverse ramifications are numerous, no matter which way one looks at the cost, pollution, sustainability, and socioeconomic implications.

Upon understanding the many real impacts, opportunities, and universal solutions with the Coenco System®, one has the unique opportunity to effectively reduce his energy use, while obtaining better results.

Now your organization can do something really meaningful and powerful about your energy use and the energy problem!!!

Seriously, the Coenco System® is unique in that it addresses many known issues that were not previously addressed or resolved. Similarly, there are ongoing opportunities for improved understanding and enhancement of many benefits, especially in the area of energy reduction opportunities and comfort as "acclimation" becomes available and understood.

Unbiased, experienced, open minded professional are able to put the Coenco results and benefits into proper positive perspective. While some technological details are at variance with established norms, the need for a reinterpretation of many established norms is recognized due to the profound effect of the improved distribution and total uniformity.

Now for the first time with the proven Coenco results and impact with less energy, it can and must be argued that using less energy is the only real and viable world solution. However, with less energy needed to obtain desired and required results, the impact of efforts such as ethanol, solar, and wind power are augmented because less energy is required!

Once fully studied, understood, and appreciated, a truly meaningful opportunity exists. Real reduced energy use with greatly improved effective results and ongoing learning is now possible. Now an answer for a real challenge, great reward, and a personal input into this energy mess is your opportunity and challenge!

But in order for progress to be made, a decision maker, or person of interest(s) has to be surrounded with a team that has a sense of responsibility.

  • Understand the urgent need and opportunity, and compare all facts associated with the current methods, costs and results.
  • The team has to fully understand the need for putting the total Coenco information into perspective.
  • Ask for and demand accountability!

Learn to identify and deal with these relevant facts and results, and benefits over and above the previous agendas.

In summary, now you can turn the energy problem and its solution into a really meaningful and gratifying personal goal and challenge!

Thank you for your time
Frank Siccardi
President, Coenco, Inc.