Coenco Equipment

Air Mover

A totally new dimension of performance in efficient and effective air movement has been created. This type of innovation has never before been seen in this type of equipment. One Coenco Real Air Mover™ replaces 3 to 5 of the usual 36" and 42" fan on wheels.

Coenco Real Air Movers™ can be used to improve the effectiveness of existing heating, air conditioning and exhaust fans.

In manufacturing facilities, Real Air Movers™ can be used to clear areas of smoke, pollution and humidity. In the construction industry, Real Air Movers™ are effective at drying paint, fume / smoke expulsion and general comfort. In outdoor an environment they provide a very effective artificial breeze, mosquito control for large numbers of people and general comfort in outdoor work locations.


Real Air Mover™ RAM II 16

Real Air Mover™ RAM II-18

Real Air Mover™ RAM II-25

Real Air Mover™ RAM I-30

Coenco Controller

Horizontal Circulator HC

Positive Air Units

Roof Cool II

  • Industrial - Aircraft aluminum and stainless steel
  • Food Processing - All stainless steel (including motor)
  • Fan Blade - Hi-Tech DuPont Delrin®
  • Motor - All stainless or industrial
  • Single or 3 phase available
  • Thermal protection
  • All aircraft aluminum / stainless steel
  • Space age fan technology
  • Motor power efficiency: A bullet of air up to 560 feet per minute velocity at 80 feet
  • 1 year warranty
  • Explosion proof
Mounting Options (All units s are pre-drilled for various applications)
  • Wheels and handles for floor mounting
  • Legs for vertical mounting
  • Side clips for threaded rod or eye-bolts and chain
  • Rigid mount or hanging