Roof Cool II

Product Description
Coenco - Roof Cool™ is a reflective weatherproof bright white coating which beautifies as it preserves and protects.

All surfaces are cleaned and free from dust, dirt and all foreign matter.

On previously coated surfaces, the old coating will have firm adhesion and be unaffected by the new coating.

Metal roofs should have all rusted areas and screw lines primed with a rust inhibiting primer.

Coenco - Roof Cool™ should be applied at the rate of 75-160 square feet/gallon, depending on type of surface being coated.

Coenco Fan

The Inclusion of Coenco Roof Cool with Coenco Positive Air System® is imperitive in large buildings in Southern Climates for optimizing associate comfort, significant energy reduction, and up to an 80% reduction in AC tonage.

As a result of carefully controlled data collection and the study of the results under varied hot weather conditions, Coenco has decided to include Reflective Roof Coating as a critical part of the Coenco System®. Coenco believes this to be very important when considering the appropriate reaction to summer conditions in the southern climates for optimal cooling. By lowering the temperature of the roof's surface by 30-50 degrees, the potential for real improvements in associated comfort and energy/AC savings can be realized when brought together with the Coenco Positive Air System®.

Experimental observations have shown that only reducing the roof temperature does not result in a significant reduction in the building's interior temperature. Test results reveal that the SEER Efficiency of one AC unit can be increased up to 500% when connected to a COENCO Real Air Mover™. This cooling, plus the elimination of a repository or accumulation of heat in a building and the development of a Building/Comfort/Mass Thermal Bank at some lower temperature, creates associate comfort at energy cost savings reduction of 60-90% from standard.

Ongoing studies have revealed that the nature of the hard surface of Coenco Roof Cool II, as opposed to normal chalky roof surfaces, allows rain to effectively clean the roof. In addition, within 1-2 hours of the sun going down, dew accumulates on the roof, keeping the roof cool and wet until the following morning.

Coenco-Roof Cool™ should be applied when temperature is in excess of 40°F during application and cure time. Be certain rain is not in the forecast.

It is recommended Coenco-Roof Cool™ be applied by airless sprayer. Brush or rollers are suitable options. Minimal stirring required. Clean up with water.

Physical Properties
Solids by Weight 65.8%
Solids by Volume 52%
Weight per Gallon 11.7 lbs.
Flash Point None
Film Thickness 8.3 mils (1 gal/100 sq. ft.)
VOC Less than 50g/L

Weight per Container
5 Gallon 62 lbs.
55 Gallon 695 lbs.
Clean Up Water