Glossary of Terms

Coenco Circulation – The Coenco Air Mover™ has the unique ability to develop an air bullet distribution which can impact walls at great distances. This causes a total circulation and desertification of an open space, which presents many innovative and essential opportunities.

Coenco Controller – As the result of thermal uniformity of the air mass, no matter the size of the building, a single temperature sensor placed in the air stream of a single air mover now provides accurate readings for precise control.

Temperature Set Point – The precise temperature of the air and mass of the entire building at which heating and cooling is desired.

Uniform Temperature – Plus or minus 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit, created and proven with the Coenco System® by the Data Logger and Infrared Thermography.

Uniform Humidity – A function similar to the temperature uniformity, proven by appropriate sensor monitoring, and is not possible with traditional HVAC methods during all environmental conditions.

Thermal Bank – With the creation of the uniform temperature of the air, the building structure and contents all can be included in the thermal bank of the building.

Coenco Acclimation – As a result of the uniform air temperature and the radiation of the same temperature from the building and its contents, a new comfort is now possible. When fully understood and utilized, this phenomenon allows a precise set point for heating and cooling adjustments as the seasons change. This sensitivity allows tremendous energy saving opportunities, simply not possible in traditional HVAC.

Coenco Comfort Index – When the interaction of temperature, humidity, and air movement are considered, a new set of comfort parameters are apparent. The Coenco building will have a precise temperature, humidity, and a slight but discernable fresh air breeze.

Heat Index – An index that combines air temperature and relative humidity in an attempt to determine the human-perceived equivalent temperature.

Coenco Exhaust – When exhaust is indicated, the coupling of the Coenco exhaust unit with Coenco circulation allows a substantial reduction in necessary exhaust capacity. This is the result of the effective removal of some or all of the air rather than the short circuit rapid removal of a small segment of the entire mass.

Cycle Unoccupied – System on 60 seconds every 30 minutes during “not work” hours.

Cycle Occupied – System on 60 seconds every 10 minutes during “work” hours.

Cycle Heating – When the building room temperature is below 70-71 degrees, a 100,000 btu heater engages. With the system cycling, it maintains a desired condition, giving a temperature rise over the outside ambient by 20-30 degrees with insignificant energy use and cost.

Override Heating – Generally 200,000 btu capacity per 40,000 sq ft, depending on specific building and environmental parameters. At a desired temperature of 68 degrees, the heaters are activated and then when the internal blower is on, the system circulation is activated and generally in 1-2 minutes, the 1 degree raise is completed and cycling resumes. This provides precise control of the entire building, eliminating energy waste.

Override Cooling – Generally with the Coenco System®, 50-75% of the traditional HVAC AC can be eliminated. For example, at 77 degrees the AC unit(s) are activated and then 15 seconds later, when the coils are cold, the system circulation is activated, and generally in 1-2 minutes the 1 degree drop to 76 degrees is completed and cycling resumes.