Equestrian Arena

Horse ArenaOne of the more interesting recent applications is a simple, effective, least cost quiet air circulation/ heating system for Horse Arenas (under 60 decibels when on).

To the right is a newly constructed 120' by 230' Arena. During single digit weather night time temperatures, inside temperature was held at 53 degrees for less than $10 per day gas cost. Recently a world renowned Equestrian trainer visited the facility and hasn't come back to earth yet. He experienced:

Horse Arena
  • The ability to identify a precise desired temperature/ humidity just not possible in traditionally equipped buildings
  • Uniform fresh air comfort and low humidity through out
  • Elimination of that usual oppressive- stale air- damp feel
  • Elimination of all musty fowl odors and dripping ceilings and walls in very cold weather
  • Effective control of the floor moisture without creating dusty conditions

Total cost of all the Coenco equipment, controller, and heaters less than $20,000 -- another $10,000 or so for Roof Cool II application later is needed for southern buildings!! Recently at a newly built Multi Million Dollar smaller arena WITH

  • 15 Exhaust fans -- ( which when on are over 100 decibels)
  • 4 large space heaters-probably 400,000 Btu or higher
  • 10 - 30 foot Low intensity radiant heaters providing 150 degrees plus temperatures on the heads of spectators when on yet 50 degree floors only 2 or 3 feet from the "heat"

The estimated equipment cost for this traditional equipment is $75,000 or more and at least 10 times the utility installation cost for the Coenco System.