Clarion Inn

Our most recent success story is the Clarion Inn Atrium in Fayetteville, AR. The Atrium is 19,200 sq. ft. with 22' ceilings and contains a dining area, pool, hot tub, and exercise area.

  • 61°F floor temperature/ 74°F ceiling temperature with infrared reading
  • wall thermostat set at a drafty 72°F
  • high humidity and chlorine odor
  • using about 150 ccf of gas per day ($77 per day)
  • 69-70°F surface temperature and 69.5°F air temperature
  • wall thermostat set at 64°F with no drafts or cold spots
  • humidity and chlorine odor virtually gone
  • using about 10-15 ccf per day ($10 per day)

The energy savings is an astounding 80%! Even more, the sound level under the units is 52 decibels, and at 80-100' there is no sound, only a barely noticeable breeze. These new results were recorded on a 12°F morning in Fayetteville, AR!