Our System - In Conclusion

Working in the future is not easy, as most people don’t like change.

At this time in 2008, after more than 30 years of independent, privately funded, result oriented original research and development, a totally new system has been developed.

This new system approach has been developed, defined and thoroughly tested on a world wide basis in many large building applications.

The Coenco Positive Air System® is presented for your consideration as a true answer for all aspects of environmental control. Upon critical and professional engineering analysis, the Coenco method and results represent an improved thermodynamic and precise control opportunity.

The Coenco Air Mover™ has the unique ability to develop an air bullet distribution (absolutely quiet when necessary) which can impact walls at great distances. This causes a total circulation and destratification of an open space, which presents many innovative and essential opportunities.

The incorporation and distribution of outside air and moisture allows subsequent air changes, which provide a fresh air exchange and an inside fresh air environment. This allows, for the first time, a building to "breath".

Air Circulation

The removal of the pooled heat, and cold at or near the surfaces, has a profound impact on the thermodynamic profile of the entire buildings interaction with weather changes.

Likewise, the efficient circulation and the improved exhaust capability provide commercially desired conditions with a reduction of 50-70% of traditional equipment energy and maintenance.

The total building uniformity, for the first time, allows for precise readout. It also allows for control and monitoring of all relevant outside and inside factors. The results are truly meaningful, and can easily be incorporated at a fraction of the cost of the traditional monitor and control in use with traditional methods today.

The facts are here for your objective analysis and consideration. The system in of itself simplifies and improves all aspects of the important area of reduced energy consumption.