Infra Red Surface Readings

Information recorded by 5 sensors mounted as follows:

  • Outside Low / High Temperature
  • IR Undersurface of Uncoated Galvalum Roof
  • IR Undersurface of Coenco Roof Cool II Coated Roof
  • IR Undersurface Ceiling
  • IR Stored Product
  • IR Inside Floor Treated Building
  • IR Floor Untreated Building
  • Inside Low / High Temperature

Graphic reading daily are recorded with summation of results

  • Low Temperature Midnight to 7 am
  • High Temperature 7 am to 3:30 pm
  • Low Temperature 3:30 pm to Midnight

Orange - Untreated Galvalum Roof Surface 142°F
Pink- Treated Coenco Roof Cool II Surface 112°F
Note- Inside Floor and Product Low 80's, Untreated Floor 88°F

Note - Inside Floor and Product Stability vs Untreated Floor