Our System - An In-Depth Look

Even though the Coenco Air System® is a very fundamental idea, the thought and time it took to get to this point was not so easy. We were only able to reach this point after 30 years of privately funded independent research.

In order to achieve a uniformity in temperature, we had to overcome a number of outside factors.

Coenco Fan
  • Geographical Location
  • Construction Type
  • Type of Roof
  • Insulation
  • Number of Workers / Shifts
  • Contents of Building (empty space compared to physical objects)

With a new generation of dynamic Air Movers™, which are generally pulsing on a prescribed time and temperature schedule, a desired uniform temperature and a low humidity air mass can be easily maintained throughout a building.

Coenco Fan

When the System is fully operational in the winter, a building can be kept to plus or minus one degree of the desired condition with low humidity (40-45%). In the summer, only a 2 - 4 degree rise from the morning low is well documented with low humidity (30-40%), plus a 100 - 150 ft. breeze.

After the Coenco Air System® is implemented, the amount of conventional heating and cooling sources is either reduced, or totally done away with, depending on the factors mentioned above.

When you decide to implement the Coenco Positive Air System® in your building, you will come to the understanding of how we are precisely able to simplify the HVAC approach.

A straightforward, complete solution is now available and proven to bring all aspects of interior space control into a new dimension of efficiency and comfort. This means getting more for less, which is not possible with traditional HVAC control.

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