Manufacturing Plant

A manufacturing plant in Decatur, AR, a subsidiary of a large conglomerate with two distinct work areas consisting of:

  • 45,000 sq. ft. of welding, heat treatment, and painting.
  • 60,000 sq. ft. of assembly and test where carbon monoxide and general discomfort have been ongoing problems.

Positive Air System®
The installation of a complete Positive Air System® plus strategically placed Real Air Movers™ for summer comfort in each of the areas, coupled with Coenco roof exhaust fans in appropriate locations.

Observable changes:

  • A uniform moving fresh air atmosphere which improved the comfort and feel of the plant.
  • The carbon monoxide is virtually gone
  • When it is 100 degrees outside, the temperature in the work areas is 88-90 degrees (as opposed to 120-130 degrees before)
  • 20-30% less humidity than outside conditions
  • A breeze of 3-5 mph throughout the space
  • The welding area is smoke and odor free

Jet Engine Manufacturing

A multinational manufacturer of jet engines with a refurbishment center in Springdale, AR, recognized the need and potential benefits for environmental and efficiency improvements after observing the precise, pleasant conditions and energy conservation data in the Coenco R&D facility. The building that was chose for study was 150' x 200' x 30' and had four 25 hp Air Handlers, each with a 30" duct x 150' and 15 hp of AC.

Goals anticipated for the Coenco System upon installation were:
  • Reduce to eliminate welding smoke, milling mist, and odors
  • Eliminate stagnant air, reduce to eliminate the ongoing temperature differential of 20 degrees from ceiling to floor.
  • Eliminate dirty/oppressive atmosphere with fresh air
  • Achieve the potential for energy reduction of up to 90%

Existing HVAC
The total electrical need of the existing HVAC is 160 hp. The current configuration has four 25 hp air handlers, each with a 15 hp AC compressor, which are constantly running. Heater cycling occurred constantly because of no effective air distribution, unless the heating is shut off and then the building was totally uncomfortable as cold pockets occur under the duct outlets.

Positive Air System®
The appropriate Positive Air System® (total 13.5 running hp) with silencers and four Real Air Movers™ for floor summer comfort were installed.

The ceiling to floor degree of difference was reduced to 8 degrees in 2 days, and then the differential stabilized at 1-2 degrees after five days of operation.

  • A total fresh air feel and comfort
  • Elimination of dirty/oppressive air
  • Major improvement in employee comfort and attitude
  • All HVAC air handlers could be shut down when the outside temperature was between 20° and 80°. This resulted in a reduction of HVAC electric hp form 160 hp to the Positive Air System® equipment consisting of 1.5 hp constant and 12 hp cycling, 90 seconds every 10 minutes. A power reduction of 75% to 85% year round.