Poultry Processing

At Neosho, MO, a poultry processing/cooking plant belonging to the world’s largest poultry processor had a hot cooking area with temperatures between 120 and 130 degrees. The exhaust capacity of the area was being flooded with cool air from the cut-up area, which was adjacent to the cooking area. The cut-up area temperatures were between 50 and 55 degrees. The exhaust fans in the cooking area were actually pulling the cool air out the exhaust vents because it was heavier air. As a result, there was no exhaust capacity left for the hot air.

Positive Air System®
Instead of just adding more exhaust, we strategically placed three Real Air Movers™ in the facility.

The Real Air Movers™ caused sufficient mixing of the cool and hot air, so that the exhaust then worked on the air of both areas. A desired temperature of less than 80 degrees was attained in the cooking area, and all wet surfaces and free steam was eliminated from both environments.