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The problems of effective distribution and precise temperature sensing and control, as stipulated by ASHRAE Standards, have not been met using traditional methods. The Coenco System® resolves these problems and provides the basis for an entirely new, economically appropriate and systematic approach. It has been proven to reduce energy use and create efficient and comfortable indoor environmental conditions in all buildings, large and small. The results are clearly needed for the 21st century and these demanding and difficult times. Numerous opportunities, benefits, and improvements are now easily attained, which were previously not economically feasible.


  • Chapter 8 of the ASHRAE Fundamentals --Thermal Comfort
  • Chapter 32 of the ASHRAE Fundamentals -Space Air Diffusion


Since the inception of mechanical HVAC in the early 1900's the basic design characteristics of the equipment and principles of use have been for small structures and only made larger and more powerful for large buildings.

The basic "puff" of hot or cold air does not effectively distribute the manufactured air, rather provides areas which are alternatively hot or cold with stagnant hot or cold areas in between in all of the following systems, large air handlers with duct distribution or roof top units with direct discharge/return or distribution with duct work. The dissimilar air temperature populations and lack of effective circulation in the traditional methods contribute to the accumulation of humidity, and a subsequent oppressive feel whether heating or cooling. Air conditioning that is ineffective and inefficient distracts from any semblance of warm weather comfort. Due to the ineffective circulation, the heat at the ceiling compromises the insulation value of the roof in the cold months. As a result, efficiency is compromised by ineffective distribution and imprecise thermostat control in addition to no attention to comfort.

The effective and practical resolution of these issues is now the basis for an entirely new, economically appropriate, proven, system approach. This system provides improvements of reduced energy use and desired commercial conditions/comfort in all buildings large and small. The overall benefits and results are clearly needed for the 21st century, and these demanding difficult times. Other opportunities, benefits, improvements and understanding are now easily and factually attained which were heretofore simply not possible.

The Coenco System® is a result of over 30 years of privately-funded, independent, result-oriented research and has provided defined building improvements in energy and comfort technology, whether for retrofits or new construction.


The Coenco Air Movers™ unique ability to propel a bullet of air great distances (absolutely quiet when necessary) which can impact walls and corners causing a total circulation and destratification of an open space. Whether cycling or in heating or cooling override The Coenco Air Movers™ presents many new, defining and exciting opportunities to improve the influence of outside weather changes on the now stable and efficient internal air mass.


The basic unique and innovative contributions of the Coenco System® are:

  • The bullet-like air mover pattern creates a forceful impact at the walls and or corners that in turn creates a gentle and pleasant return air movement, allowing the creation of a uniform air mass throughout the entire open space. This is uniquely accomplished due to a lack of interference or obstruction from the usual fan spray.
  • The destratification of the entire air volume via the Coenco Air Movers™ in a building creates a thermal equilibrium of the air, building, structure and contents. Through cycling of the air movers, the equilibrium conditions are continually maintained and the interior environment remains consistent while the outside changes are within a definable range for the particular building.
  • With a uniform thermal mass established, a single precise thermostat or sensor control is now proving and providing desired conditions through overall control of the air mover cycle. Override operation of the system occurs for short periods, only when preset temperatures are met as a result of the effective + or - 1 degree control capability.
  • Then, only if necessary at precise temperature points, the system expends energy to condition (heat or cool) the air usually for only a minute or two while the 1 degree change is facilitated. The prompt reversal of the approach to continued cycling is a fundamental key to the success of the system and the reason for significantly lower energy use.
  • The pull of the air mover units incorporate and distribute outside fresh air and moisture, whether from building air leaks or open doors. This unique capability allows subsequent favorable air volumetric and humidity changes which create an adequate fresh air exchange and subsequently an inside fresh air environment that can for the first time be described as making or allowing a building to "breath".
  • Likewise, when exhaust is needed, the effective circulation greatly improves desired conditions with a reduction of at least 50-70% of traditional exhaust equipment.
  • Acclimation occurs as a result of the thermal uniformity throughout a space and the ability to identify precise commercially desired condition or comfort. The identification of specific temperature and humidity as a subsequent viable and practical solution to comfort / function is now possible. As the seasons change, optimizing significant energy savings is now reality because of the identification and precise control at lower temperatures in the winter and higher in the summer.

The Coenco System® has been proven to reduce energy use and equipment by 50-70% or greater, and when fully understood and utilized to its maximum, in many cases the system can reduce energy use to insignificance.


A Building Using The Coenco System® Becomes:

  • A uniform stable thermal mass with a proven and predictable energy efficiency with more effective utilization and accounting of every btu and kwh used while allowing the elimination of waste to an extent never considered possible
  • Once all is put in perspective, the system is in fact uncomplicated and an effective simplification of previously very complicated problems.
  • Now that all measurements are meaningful and diligently studied and analyzed there are opportunities for improved energy efficiency. All efficiency will be realized and/or emerge.


The results of the Coenco System® create a new dimension of efficient and comfortable conditions which are remarkable. This system provides a significantly lower initial cost, and a significant reduction in ongoing operation, energy and maintenance costs through the elimination of wasted energy. As a result of the effective distribution and the easily maintained conditions through continued cycling, there is a true 21st century solution to today’s energy problems. The system is ideal for the retrofit opportunity created by the inadequacy of buildings either with traditional equipment or a desire to improve conditions.

Your questions, comments and inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in the potential improvements that are awaiting you and your organization.

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