Traditional HVAC Perspectives

Since the inception of mechanical HVAC in the early 1900's, the basic design characteristics of the equipment and its control were for small structures. The systems were then made larger and more powerful as the building size increased, without consideration of changes in dynamics.

The increased costs of energy, equipment, maintenance, and the need for improved comfort, all lead to an urgent need to reconsider traditional methods. High energy and labor costs, combined with the fact that in many cases, the funds are simply not available to run and maintain the traditional equipment is becoming more important every day.

Basic physics dictates that when hot air is produced, it rises to the ceiling, and can only be controlled when the heat builds down to the thermostat. The result of poorly placed thermostats results in the colder air staying closer to the floor, which causes repetitive cooling.

A different air temperature population, and lack of effective circulation, in turn contributes to the accumulation of humidity and subsequent oppressive feel whether heating or cooling. The inefficient use of air conditioning for dehumidification distracts from air conditioning efficiency, and precludes any impression of warm weather comfort.

Without uniformity of air temperature, the inability to sense an effective temperature can cause heating in the hot summer because the area is too cool, while cooling occurs in the winter because the area is too hot. In addition, the excessive heat at the ceiling challenges the insulation value of the roof in the cold months.

In either case, efficiency or comfort is compromised by ineffective distribution and imprecise thermostat control.

No truly effective attempt has been made to address even the most minor of the issues to improve distribution or dispersion of heat and cold, other than personal fans, which only stir the stale dirty air.

Among the improvements provided by the Coenco System®, and the entire scope and all aspects of traditional HVAC are:

  • The Coenco Air Mover™ creates an effective bullet of air that bounces off corners and walls creating thermal uniformity of the air mass. A precise temperature is maintained when effective distribution is accomplished.
  • The Air Mover™ is designed to cycle or go into heating or cooling override with a 3/4 hp motor, providing up to 13,000 cfm instead of 1000-2000 cfm per hp that traditional non cycling blowers with over 10-25 hp provide must run constantly.
  • The uniform temperature of the entire space and its contents represents a unique first time opportunity for maintaining a stable thermal mass of the building and its contents.
  • Allows precise operational temperature for total comfort