Trailer or Spot Cooling

This is our RAM II - 18 attached to a Poly Sock, cooling the inside of a trailer backed up to our warehouse.

No longer do workers have to labor in temperatures over 100 degrees to unload your trucks.

Trailer Fan

The Air Mover™ is hung by 3/16 Zinc plated chain from the second Perlin in from the side wall; the chains are 20" to 22" a part so that the Air Mover™ lines up on one side of the trailer. This will allow the Air Mover™ to bounce a bullet of air within the trailer itself, cooling the temperature and dropping humidity.

When the unit is on, the pressure created by the moving air causes the sock to extend into the trailer. No complicated mechanism is involved.

When the unit is off, the sock deflates, drawing out of the trailer and back into the building. Once again, no complicated mechanism is required. Trailers can pull away safely and easily once unloaded.

The sock, constructed of No. 10 wave polyvinyl is attached to the Air Mover™ at one end and secured to the overhead door at the other end by a quick link.

The Air Mover™ Cylinder is 18" diameter x 16" long and constructed out of 5052 Aircraft Aluminum with Stainless motor Mount and 6061 Aircraft aluminum Angle Rings -- all fastened with 304 SS Fasteners and Nylocks . (Not painted stamped metal and pop weld)