A 360,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse in Bentonville, AR, which had been installed with Coenco's total system, had been shut down for the summer. The inside temperature was 62 degrees and the outside temperature was 32 degrees.

The gas was turned on to ten 200,000 btu space heaters and the six Positive Airâ„¢ Units. In less than 20 minutes, the temperature of the entire building was 72 degrees and the heaters shut off. Without the Positive Air System®, the heaters would normally be on virtually all the time.

Freight Storage

A freight transfer building 640' x 140' in Grove City, OH, with load-out doors along both sides was designed and built with a complete Positive Air System® The observations to date:

  • Consistent temperature throughout plus or minus 1 degree.
  • The associate's have identified 64.5 degrees as the desired working setting.
  • The observation that at less than 20 degrees outside, trailer access doors can open and close for trailer movement with no substantial temperature loss (no heat buildup in the ceiling that rushes out upon opening a door, subsequently drawing cold air in).

Canning Warehouse

A year-around, vegetable canning plant in Siloam Springs, AR, filled with processing equipment from the floor to the ceiling had the usual wet floors, walls, ceiling, and clouds of steam.

  • A total and appropriate Postive Air System® was installed.
  • Immediately, all wet/ moist surfaces, condensation, and the steam in the air were eliminated.
  • There was an elimination of the usual odors, in addition to the pleasant fresh air feel.
  • If the system is shut off for any reason, the adverse conditions return in minutes.